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Update Deployment

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With the release of Hotfix 1.5.3, after the release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on the Epic Game Store, we first want to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded and played the game - as well as the extra players jumping (back) in from the Steam side.

We are rolling out this first Hotfix to deal with those issues we can handle quickly, including some backend issues causing servers to drop off the server browser and some performance improvements behind that, causing issues with joining games. The full change log is below.

Following on from this, Saber (who have been doing all the work to bring Vietnam to EGS) will be working on the next Hotfix, which will focus on the more complex performance issues and the SDK. Because this is more complex, the coding and QA will be more complex, pushing Hotfix 2 to later next week.

Once those issues are squared away, we are working with some “old friends” from the original development team to bring a further round of fixes and QoL improvements to the game - and even some new content - to round off 2020.

All of us at Tripwire thank you for your continued support and patience. We hope to see you in Vietnam!

Hotfix 1.5.3 Changelog
  • Fixed The Green Army Men Upgrade in game from launching a Steam window.
  • Fixed Invite Friends not translated in Russian.
  • Fixed Invite Friends tooltip is displaying an incorrect message. Before the fix it was referring to "choosing a next map" in Russian.
  • Fixed an issue causing a disparity of servers visible between Steam and EGS clients. Epic Client could sometimes not see all servers.
  • Fixed issues where servers can be dropped from Server Browser when time out.
  • Maintenance was done on backend machines to improve performance.

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